About Me

The AuthorAbigail is currently working toward traditional publication of a young adult fantasy novel. After many years of writing code for her day job, she’s finally pursuing her dream of writing full-time. She lives in the Seattle area with her husband and their two little boys.

Abigail flies her nerd flag proudly. She grew up watching She-Ra and Xena; nowadays she has appointment TV with Doctor Who. Their TiVo is also filled with Mythbusters, football (her choice), and Paw Patrol (see: two little boys). Her author idol is Robin McKinley.

If she could be anywhere right now, she would be on a beach holding a drink that has a little umbrella in it.

She is a recipient of the Hopwood Underclassmen Fiction Award from the University of Michigan for her short story “Weather Gods,” and she won first place in the short story category of the 2017 PNWA Literary Contest for “Boundless as the Sea.”

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