Are you ready to be a mentee?

The criteria for whether you’re ready to apply for mentorship in contests like Author Mentor Match are pretty clear: you want to be traditionally published and you have a full manuscript that you’ve already fixed up as much as you can. But are you ready to be a mentee? Actually, it’s a bit of a trick …

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Why Maternal Health Matters to Me (#2)

My second birth was a sort-of unplanned C-section, and it made me even more grateful for a great hospital!

Why Scrivener is great for Nanowrimo

Five reasons why Scrivener is great for Nanowrimo and beyond.

Why Birth Justice Matters to Me (#1)

My parents watched anxiously from the waiting room at the end of the hall as a cadre of hospital staff in scrubs trooped into my labor and delivery room. Inside the room it was less scary, but of course, I knew what was going on. The doctor had diagnosed that baby’s head was turned to …

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I have a mentor!

I found a mentor in Author Mentor Match round 7!

Take Hurting Seriously

It’s not about race, it’s about believing people when they say that poor characterization hurts them.

How to Write a Satisfying Cliffhanger

Examples of how to write a cliffhanger (and how not to) from Mary Pearson’s latest books.

Fun Facts About Abigail

(You can find my official bio at About Me.) I’m so extroverted it’s painful, according to my introverted husband. I can’t remember when I didn’t want to be an author. I wrote my first story in Kindergarten, and I still have it (thanks, Mom!). It was about a princess, a dragon, and a knight, so… …

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You can learn a lot from writing one short story

What happens when a perfectionist takes the advice to write more short stories.

Deadlines and Anniversaries: I Finished (Again)!

Last month, the second anniversary of my transition to being a full-time writer passed without my noticing. Maybe the second anniversary is never as exciting as the first, but I also have an excuse: I was finishing my book! I told myself I would finish in April. Then in May. Then in July or August. …

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