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Loose or lose? Grammar help you can remember!

(The second in a series.)

Like many similar words, loose and lose are easy to confuse because they look and sound similar. Also, because English is confusing, loose can be an adjective or a verb. So here’s a little quip to help you out:

You can loose a goose that’s caught in a trap,
But you lose a lover, a game, a hat.

Especially if the hat (or the lover?) was loose.

Lead, lead or led? Grammar Help You Can Remember!

The verb to lead rhymes with need, speed, and indeed, but the past tense is led that rhymes with dead. The famously dense metal lead also rhymes with dead. 

Here’s a quip to help you remember:
Lead in the water led Flint to disaster,
but “lead dead redemption” could come to be
if only its leaders would lead!

(This is the first in a series that I will publish periodically of my grammatical pet peeves, transformed into hopefully memorable quips to help you polish your work.)