Treat Your Book Like a Startup (PNWA session round-up)

Friday morning at the conference was comprised mainly of the agent and editor sessions in the main ballrooms. Even though their names and bios were published in the session booklet, it was still insightful to hear them talk about what they were looking for and answer questions. Unlike my first conference in 2010, we were …

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Andre Dubus III Keynote (PNWA 2015 session round-up)

The Thursday keynote at the 2015 PNWA conference was from Andre Dubus III. Although he was one of the few repeat speakers in the 60-year(!) history of the conference, it so happens that the only other time I attended the conference, in 2010, was his previous appearance. Fortunately he’s an engaging speaker, so I didn’t …

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Making Connections (PNWA 2015 session round-up)

Robert Dugoni, a best-selling author who got his start at PNWA, continues to support the PNWA and its writers. On Thursday afternoon he gave the pre-dinner session. In it, he talked about his personal journey from a family of “compulsive overachievers” through law to being an author. People told him that it took a lot …

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PNWA session round-up: the Power Pitch blocks

PNWA switched to the “power pitch” format a few years ago, where you sign up for one or two 90-minute blocks and then can pitch to as many agents as you can get in line for in 4-minute segments. My fellow author Mark, whom I met at the conference, has a post that goes into …

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Turn Your Dream Into Reality (PNWA 2015 session round-up)

(Second in a series of posts with the highlights of what I learned from the 2015 PNWA conference.) I expected this session, with Bill Kenower and Ingrid Ricks, to be a step-by-step plan or something prosaic like that. Instead, it was part inspirational memoir, part motivational speech… but not necessarily less practical for all that. …

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Writing Active Setting (PNWA 2015 session round-up)

(I’ll be doing a series of posts with the highlights of what I learned from various sessions at the 2015 PNWA Conference. This is the first!) The very first session I attended was “Writing Active Setting,” presented by Mary Buckham. She said many writers have one of two issues with setting in their story: They …

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PNWA 2015 Conference

I had a blast at the PNWA 2015 Conference! I’ll be posting some writing tips from the conference in the next few weeks. Thanks to all of you who hung out with me — it was fantastic to meet you!

Welcome to the website!

Today is not quite the day I really got serious about writing, but it’s a the day I finally got my website working. I’m just old-school enough to want a website. Also, I put the website address on my business cards. 🙂 Happy Independence Day, indeed!

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