Why my site is secured even though I’m not a shop

The short version: you’ll notice that when you navigate to my website now, you will automatically get the https version (in your browser you’ll see something like the green locked padlock below). I don’t sell anything (directly!); the only reason for the secured connection is to keep any Nation State Actors from tracking what you do on this site. 🙂image

The longer version can be found in the DreamHost blog post about how they enabled free security certificates for all their hosting customers! https://www.dreamhost.com/blog/2016/01/20/free-ssltls-certificates-at-dreamhost-with-lets-encrypt/ Like the history in that link mentions, the security certificate doesn’t guarantee anything other than that you are actually connecting with my site, but since the original kerfuffle about trusted authorities happened, it has come to light that there is actually an organization that might be sniffing your browsing history. Now at least they’ll only know you came to my page and not which of my nefarious grammar posts you might have been reading. 🙂

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