Free Writing


Posting a grammar quip right before July 4, with fireworks exploding outside, just didn’t seem right. Instead this is a post about writing and freedom.

I’m very grateful that I have the freedom to write, and write what I want. I don’t have to worry about criminal charges for insulting my president. I don’t live in daily fear for my safety. I’m even fortunate enough to have the financial freedom to get a few hours to myself each week to pursue my writing dreams.

Therefore, I want to use my freedom responsibly. I write fiction, so I owe it to my future readers to write the best book I can, to tell the story only I can tell. I have the freedom to say anything I want on social media, so I should say things that are responsible and informed to the best of my ability.

Though I often disagree with the way American leaders have used the American military, I still believe that those who served and their families sacrificed for the truly noble ideal of protecting our country. I owe it to all those who died for this country to live as fully as I can — to write because it’s my dream, to barbecue with friends because I can (and it’s what those vets would be doing if they could), and to help my fellow human beings because they need it.

Because freedom isn’t free.

Military graves with flags

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